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Forgotten Highways - The Wentworth Valley, Nova Scotia

The Wentworth Valley, located in Nova Scotia, is a beautiful scenic tour through the provinces ancient countryside. Ski Wentworth, crystal rivers, and the Wentworth Provincial Picnic Park make this Forgotton Highway a worthy trip.

Returning home this year from our annual excursion to Moncton, we decided to break away from the heavy traffic of the highway and meander our way through the beautiful Wentworth Valley.  I can remember, when I was a child traveling through with my parents, the concern they used to have over the amount of traffic on the highway.  On this day, in the midst of prime tourist season, it was an oddity to even meet a vehicle.  It's truly amazing how quickly things can change.

It was in 1996 when the toll portion of roadway called the Cobequid Pass would open, offering a much shorter and safer route through the valley, in the process diverting much of the traffic that would normally travel through.  The result is the valley we see today.

At one time the main route between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, the Wentworth Valley once housed ample restaurants, hotels, and more.  Now, it is known more for its beautiful scenery, as the road works its way over Folly Mountain and into the valley. 

Home to the alpine ski hill, Ski Wentworth, the sides of the road are peppered with seasonal and year round homes alike.  On this particular day in late July, the ski hill was barren and almost ghost like, an odd landscape set against the greenery of the mountain.

Following along the Wentworth River, we took our time, stopping at the beautiful Wentworth Provincial Picnic Park.  Here there are large sites perfect for family gatherings that offer easy access to many shallow pools perfect for swimming and wading.  As the morning grew long, the park soon filled.  People and puppies, Frisbees and the cries of children wading into the cool water of the river provided the perfect soundtrack to a lazy summer afternoon.

Fall is one of the absolute best times to travel through the beautiful Wentworth Valley.  Imagine the greenery of the mountain sides turning to the flaming reds and amber of autumn, and loose leaves blowing across the lonely road.  It is post card perfect in its beauty, and a terrible sin that it has lost much of its tourist appeal.

For those who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of many of the prime tourist attractions, the Wentworth Valley is a must visit destination.  There is a calmness to the atmosphere, and a beauty that is unmatched.

The Wentworth Valley, just one of many destinations along our Forgotten Highways.

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Comments (8)

Brilliant !

I'd definitely like to see that place!

Thank you both! It's well worth the visit, and not that far from the New Brunswick boarder. It really is a sin how the new pass has all but eliminated the visitors...skiers and sightseers aside :)

As an anthropologist, I prefer forgotten, out of the way places!

Some very great facts here. Thanks.

Nice work Natasha.

Great job Natasha. I'm not an anthropologist like James, but I also prefer out of the way places to explore and photograph.

Thanks Jerry...I have to agree. Some of the best treasures are those that have been forgotten. :)