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Hotel Chains That Offer Better Options For Families of Greater Than 4

Hotels to stay in when traveling with kids. Chain hotel options for larger families.

We have a family of 5 and that means when we are traveling some hotels will not even accept us because we will have too many people per room.  I have friends that have 4 or 5 kids so getting a room for them is even more difficult.  if you do manage to find a hotel room then there is not enough comfortable space for everyone to get a nights sleep and someone will of course end up sleeping on a yucky roll in bed.  Luckily those of us who have families of 5 or more now have some great options for hotels to stay in and they are now more widely available and more and more are popping up all the time.  So if you have a family of greater than 4 or if you have a family of 4 but just want more space look out for the hotels below while you are vacationing with your family.

Residence Inn by Marriott -

Certainly one of my favorites and most spacious family friendly hotels by a chain. Marriott has all kinds of different hotels but the Residence Inns which were originally created for long term stays have become a perfect place for families to enjoy a vacation. You don't have to be staying there for a week or more you can get a room there for even just one night if you like. My family has stayed at a lot of these. You can usually choose between a studio room which is like a studio apartment complete with kitchen, a 1 bedroom which has a bedroom area and a separate living area, the living area usually has a pull out couch and an additional TV. Then there is the 2 bedroom which is what we usually get. With the two bedroom we get the kitchen of course 1 bedroom with a king sized bed, and a second bedroom with 2 full beds, and a separate living area with a pull out bed. You could actually fit 8 people in there if you had to, all though I am sure there are occupancy rules.

Every Residence Inn we have ever stayed at has had a nice pool, usually indoor depending on the location, a nice exercise room, and sometimes even a game room or billiard room of some sort, and a good sized laundry facility for guests to use. Also free breakfast is provided which is usually better then what you get at most hotels.

One of my favorite hotel experiences with my family was when we stayed in Orlando. We stayed at the Residence Inn Marriott there. It was about10 minutes from the Disney Parks and was within walking distance of Sea World. The room was just like an apartment, the kids had 2 TV's to choose from and my husband and I had our own. We had a full sized kitchen and a kitchen table to eat at. The kids had their own bathroom which was nice because it made getting ready to go out a lot faster. It had an awesome fitness center, which was right next to the laundry room so while I was working out I did our laundry at the same time. The pool was outdoor but really pretty. They also usually have really nice business centers that guests can use.

The breakfast was my favorite part of the hotel. They had a buffet breakfast every morning with actual choices of hot items, and lots of fresh fruits and of course there were toast and bagels and all that kind of stuff too. I literally felt spoiled by all the food every morning but I was able to eat a nice healthy breakfast. The breakfast room was large, but there were also plenty of tables outside too if you wanted to eat by the pool or on the patio.

Summerfield Suites by Hyatt

This is a new favorite of mine we discovered them a couple of years ago and now I always look for them when I am traveling. Staying in a Summerfieled Suite hotel is like staying in a first class hotel with a comfortable family atmosphere. Our first Summerfield Suites experience was in Colorado just outside of Denver. We had a nice two bedroom room with a living area between the two rooms. The kitchen was really nice. We didn't have two bathrooms but it was still a really nice room. The beds were amazingly comfortable. It had a nice business center, a decent sized laundry room, a decent exercise room, and a good breakfast every day. There was always some choice of eggs, potatoes and breakfast meats.

The pool area was really nice though. The pool was outdoors but as far as outdoor pools go it was a really nice one. There were covered outdoor seating areas where could sit and enjoy a meal or watch people swim or what ever and there were grills all around the area for guests to use to cook outdoors. The hot tub was also in a covered area so even if the weather was not great you could sit outside in the hot tub. The area was really pretty too.

Fairfield Suites by Marriott

As I said before Marriott has all kinds of different hotels and they even have two family friendly type hotels now. We had our first experience with Fairfield Suites this past summer in Charlotte North Carolina. We stayed at another one on the way home. I would say that the Fairfield Suites are a more budget friendly option for families. The hotel itself is not as fancy as a Residence Inn hotel but the rooms are a decent size for families. Both of the Fairfield Suites we stayed in had full kitchens with full sized appliances. The kitchens were galley style which means they were thin. The rooms were more cozy then the Residence Inn rooms as well which means smaller, my husband actually preferred that but I prefer the size of the Residence Inn rooms. We got the 2 bedroom unit which had a living area with a pull out couch, a full sized bed in one bedroom and queen in the 2nd bedroom. There was only 1 bathroom that was rather small but adequate. We had one of my daughters friends with us so we actually had 6 people in the room. The 2 sons slept in the bedroom in the full sized bed and the girls slept on the pull out couch in the living area, there was plenty of space for everyone to get a good nights rest.

There was a fitness room, laundry room, a computer for guest use, and a small outdoor pool. None of them were impressive but they were at least provided. There was also free breakfast daily and it was competitive with most other hotel chain breakfasts. Like I said this is more of budget family hotel. The two bedroom room only cost us somewhere around $130 a night for a 2 bedroom hotel apartment style room. I can live with a smaller gym for that. Residence Inn 's 2 bedrooms are usually around $200 to $300 per night. We have gotten them for $189 but I have not seen them cheaper than that. But you are playing for high quality at a Residence Inn.

Embassy Suites by Hilton

We have stayed at these a couple of times. They seem to be harder to find in the areas we like to travel. Embassy Suites were originally created for business people who wanted to travel in style, but they do provide spacious rooms that families can enjoy as well. With Embassy suites you can usually get a hotel room with a separate living and sleeping area. You can get a bedroom with one king bed or two full beds. There will also usually be a pull out sofa in the living area and 2 separate television sets. While you will likely get a microwave and mini fridge you probably will not get a full kitchen. You can be assured that you will have very nicely decorated accommodations. They are also a good choice for people who have family members with allergies as they take every precaution to keep their rooms free from allergens from their bedding to their air filtration system.

You will always almost always find a pool and a fitness center at Embassy Suites and they are now offering free continental breakfasts to guests. If mom or dad happens to be bringing the family along on a business trip Embassy Suites almost always have everything someone would need to conduct business away from home.

Country Inn & Suites

Before we discovered Residence Inns and Summerfield Suites I would often look for Country Inn and Suites. While they don't always offer the bedroom and living room option they do usually have a divider wall between the sleeping area and a small living area, so the kids do have someplace they can go to do their thing. That is also usually where there is a desk, and an area where there is a mini fridge and microwave. They also usually have a pull out couch as well that someone can sleep in. We have stayed comfortably there with 6 people before. I like Country Inns because they are always charming. They usually have business centers, pools and exercise rooms but not always so call ahead and make sure before booking. The breakfast is usually really good, the people are often very friendly and there are fresh baked cookies in the lobby every night for guests. They also have a book shelf of books that you can read. We stayed at one in Maryland with the kids once and there was no pool which made the kids really mad at me. By then end of our stay they did not want to leave. The lady that ran the housekeeping staff was amazing and she spoiled my kids like they were her grandchildren. We all actually cried when we left. How is that for service? Be sure to call and find out if they have the rooms I mentioned above, it is called Country Inn and Suites but not all of their hotels have the Suites. We found that out the hard way once.

There are also Comfort Inns and Suites but I have never stayed in one so i can not give any details about them. 

So don't settle for a cramped room and 3 in a bed or someone on a roll in bed.  Look for one of the above hotels next time you are traveling.

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