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Romantic Getaway Ideas in Anchorage, Alaska

For those who are seeking romantic getaway ideas, they may want to consider Anchorage, Alaska. Couples can select from an array of romantic accommodations from a single cabin amidst nature, to a resort hotel downtown. Spend an evening or two taking ballroom dancing lessons, or a night of theater. There are many great ideas for those who are seeking a romantic getaway week-end or even a honeymoon.

For those who are seeking romantic getaway ideas, they may want to consider Anchorage, Alaska. Anchorage is an ideal destination for those who prefer mild summers, with average summer temperatures ranging between 52-66 degrees Fahrenheit. You can find great deals for week-ends flights or skip the hustle and bustle of airports by taking a cruise. Accommodations range from romantic bed and breakfasts to lodges amidst the Alaskan wildlife. While in Anchorage, there is an ample amount of fun things to do.

Romantic Accommodations 

Accommodations in Anchorage vary in price, yet remain reasonable. You can choose from various bed and breakfasts located in Downtown Anchorage, or select from those that provide panoramic mountainous views in locations such as the Chugach Mountain Foothills. Many of the bed and breakfasts offer transportation as well as tour activities, and luxurious amenities such as a jacuzzi. Of course, there are luxury hotels available in the heart of downtown Anchorage with an array of menu items. Keep in mind that resort lodges, as well as cabins for privacy are available as well. With a bit of searching, or use of your travel service, you can truly find accommodations that will enhance your romantic getaway ideas in Anchorage, Alaska.

Things To Do

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There are multiple romantic things to do in Anchorage, as a couple. You can take advantage of any of the multiple tours that are available from horseback riding to a flying tour. Wildlife tours will provide you a way to admire, enjoy and photograph wildlife that you will only see in Anchorage, such as bears feeding on salmon, or Orca whales in their natural habitat. Flying tours include a day of fishing and camping out for the night. The truly adventurous can take advantage of such activities as a dog sled ride, snowshoeing, and Nordic skiing. The surrounding areas of Anchorage are not short of ski resorts where you can enjoy activities, year round, such as hiking, paragliding, or snow skiing, depending on the season.

If you are an outdoor type of couple who enjoys various activities such as hiking, rafting, kayaking and backpacking, there are various guided tours available.  Enjoy the panoramic view and visit wildlife refuges and numerous parks. Outdoor activities are endless and will be perfect for your list of romantic getaway ideas in Anchorage, Alaska


Anchorage will not be a boring place to visit, if you want to enjoy the nightlife. There are numerous pubs, theaters, and clubs where you can enjoy a night of dancing. 


Popular Spots


Moose's Tooth Pub and Pizzeria 

3300 Old Seward Highway

Anchorage, AK 99503

(907) 258-2537

Enjoy pizza, ale or even a Margarita

McGinley's Pub

645 G Street

Anchorage, AK 99501

(907) 279-1782 

A traditional Irish pub with live music and an array of cuisine including reindeer sausage.

Theater and Dancing 

There are numerous theaters where you can enjoy stand-up comedy, live performances, concerts or even a night out at the movies. Downtown Anchorage is not short of nightclubs for dancing or even the opportunity to learn ballroom dancing, or even line dancing.

Visitors Information About Anchorage 

The Alaska Public Lands Information Centers are full of information pertaining to climate, accommodations, and even more romantic getaway ideas in Anchorage, 

Alaska Public Lands Information Centers

605 W 4th Avenue Suite 105

Anchorage, AK 99501


 Visitor Information (toll free)

(866) 869-6887

Fax :(907) 271-2744


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Comments (4)

Quite a good review on Alaska, the second I have read so far. I am currently writing one on Melbourne,Australia.

Liked it on FB!

Glad readers are enjoying this. Thanks for votes and sharing. Waiting for Australia article, since it is a great vacation destination or even a place to live.

My daughter and I got so lost in Anchorage that it wasn't funny (at the time). Our newly gained information came in handy later and everyone we met was friendly. Really, I think I fell in love with the town. It would be impossible not to.