Beautiful Castles in Connecticut
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Beautiful Castles in Connecticut

Connecticut is loaded with beautiful castles. Presented here are 19 beautiful castles located in the Nutmeg State of Connecticut.

For a small state Connecticut certainly has its share of castles and castle-like buildings. Despite its limited size Connecticut is one of the wealthiest states in the United States as many people living in the state accumulated great wealth while living here and some of those rich people spent their money building castles in Connecticut. Presented here is a beautiful collection of 19 castles in Connecticut most of which are tourist attractions today and open to the public.

Gillette Castle in East Haddam 

Image Source

Gillette Castle is located at 67 River Road in Gillette Castle State Park overlooking the Connecticut River in East Haddam, Connecticut. Gillette Castle was built by eccentric actor William Gillette from 1914-1919 and reportedly cost 1 million dollars including a 3 mile long railroad around the property and castle. In 1943 the State of Connecticut took possession of the property and created the Gillette Castle State Park. Gillette Castle is open to the public and is a very popular tourist attraction that receives over 100,000 annual visitors.

Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford 

Image Source

The Connecticut State Capitol is a castle-like building located in Bushnell Park in Hartford, Connecticut. It was built in high Victorian Gothic style from 1871 to 1878 from designs by architect Richard M. Upjohn. The Connecticut State Capitol houses both branches of Connecticut's state legislature as well as the offices of the Governor and is open to the public.

Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Castle in Norwalk 

Image Source

The Lockwood-Mathews Mansion is a 58 room castle-like house museum located at 295 West Avenue in Norwalk, Connecticut. The Lockwood-Mathews Mansion was built by banking and railroad tycoon LeGrand Lockwood from 1864-1868 using designs from architect Detlef Lienau. In 1941 the city of Norwalk purchased the mansion and today Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum, Inc runs the estate as a tourist attraction. The 2004 version of The Stepford Wives movie starring Nicole Kidman was filmed at the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Castle.

Mark Twain House Castle in Hartford 

Image Source

In 1874 Mark Twain had a house built for himself and his family at 351 Farmington Avenue in Hartford, Connecticut in Victorian Gothic style that resembles a castle. The Clemens family lived in the home until 1891 and during that span living in the castle-like house Mark Twain wrote such classics as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Prince and the Pauper, Huckleberry Finn and A Connecticut Yankee in King Aurthur's Court. Financial difficulties forced the family to leave the home in 1891 and it has been used as a school, apartment building and library since then. Today the Mark Twain House Castle is a museum open to the public.

Marion Castle in Stamford 

Image Source

Marion Castle is located at One Rogers Road along the Long Island Sound waterfront in the Shippan Point section of Stamford, Connecticut. The castle was built in French chateau style by the Hunt Brothers who were sons of famed architect Richard Morris Hunt for movie making mogul Frank J. Marion in 1914. Today the Marion Castle is owned by a local real estate developer who allows the castle to be used for non-profit community functions.

Rock Ledge Castle in Norwalk 

Image Source

Rock Ledge Castle is located in the Rowayton section of Norwalk, Connecticut along the Long Island Sound. This beautiful Tudor Revival castle-like home mansion was built in 1911 for a high ranking US Steel executive and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.

Wadsworth Anthenuem Castle in Hartford 

Image Source

The Wadsworth Anthenuem Castle is located at 600 Main Street in Hartford, Connecticut. The Wadsworth Castle was built as an art museum on land owned by Daniel Wadsworth in downtown Hartford in 1842. The museum opened in 1844 and the Wadsworth Castle is still an art museum open to the public today.

Hublein Tower Castle in Simsbury 

Image Source

Located in Talcott Mountain State Park in Simsbury, Connecticut is the Hublein Tower Castle. The Hublein Tower Castle was built in 1914 by Gilbert Hublein who got rich making A1 Steak Sauce. Hublein was hiking on Talcott Manor with his fiance and future wife Louise M. Gundlach in 1876 when he promised her he would build her a castle on the spot one day. After the castle was built it served as a summer home for the Hublein family. Today the Hublein Tower Castle is owned by the State of Connecticut and is open to the public and visitors can climb the 120 steps to the top of the tower for magnificent views of the surrounding countryside and the Hartford skyline.

Sleeping Giant Castle Tower in Hamden 

Image Source

The Sleeping Giant Castle Tower is located at 200 Mt. Carmel Ave in Sleeping Giant State Park in Hamden, Connecticut. The Tower Castle was built in 1936 by the Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression and is open to the public today.

Downes Memorial Clock Tower Castle at Trinity College 

Image Source

Located on the campus of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut is the Downes Memorial Clock Tower Castle.

University of Connecticut Law School Castle in Hartford 

Image Source

Located at 45 Elizabeth Street in Hartford, Connecticut is the University of Connecticut Law School Library Castle.

Fort Trumbull in New London 

Image Source

Fort Trumbull is located at the mouth of the Thames River in Fort Trumbull State Park in New London, Connecticut. There has been a fort at this location dating back to the Revolutionary War. The current medieval looking castle like Fort Trumbull was built from 1839 and 1852. It is a popular tourist attraction in New London today.

Stone Castle in Old Greenwich 

Image Source

There used to be an old stone castle located in the Old Greenwich or Sound Beach section of the southeastern part of Greenwich, Connecticut. Not sure if this stone castle is still there.

Bellarmine Hall Castle in Fairfield 

Image Source

Bellarmine Hall is a castle-like building located on the campus of the University of Fairfield in Fairfield, Connecticut. Bellarmine Hall is named in honor of Italian Saint Robert Bellarmine who is the patron saint of Fairfield University. Bellarmine Hall was built in 1920 on what was known as the Lashar Estate and originally call Hearthstone Hall. Today Bellarmine Hall houses the administrative offices of the college.

David J. Dolan House in Fairfield

Image Source

Also located on the Fairfield University campus in Fairfield, Connecticut is another castle-like building the David J. Dolan House. Dolan House was built in 1930 and named in honor of inventor David J. Dolan.

Castle Tower on Fox Hill in Rockville 

Image Source

Located on top of Fox Hill in Henry Park in Rockville, Connecticut is a castle tower called the Veteran Memorial Tower on Fox Hill. The tower was built from 1937-1939 by the Great Depression era Works Project Administration. The tower is 72 feet high and has an observation platform that is open to the public today.

Castle Craig in Meridian 

Image Source

Castle Craig is a 32 foot high castle tower located in the Hanging Hills of Hubbard Park just above the city of Meridian, Connecticut. Castle Craig was built by world traveler Walter Hubbard and given to the city of Meridian in 1900. Today Castle Craig is open to the public and fantastic views of the surrounding area including all the way to the Long Island Sound await visitors.

Star Castle in New Fairfield 

Image Source

Roy Mason was a futuristic architect with a masters degree in Architecture from Yale University who liked to design futuristic homes using simple cost effective materials that used alternative energy sources for power. At some point in his career Mason designed and built the futuristic so called Star Castle located in the town of New Fairfield, Connecticut.

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Comments (8)

Beautiful work as always Joe! I did not realize that Twain had his own little castle! Fab info! You have my vote and buzz!

Beautiful castle! Good job, joe! :-)

More great examples.

Your articles are fascinating. Thank you so much for all these discoveries for us on the other side of the pond. Cheers.

BTW, The Connecticut State Capital in Hartford is my favourite.


Lovely castles!

Yes, Joe. What an awesome display and presentation of exquisite architecture. I'm very familiar with Norwalk's Lockwood-Mathews Mansion, as I'm a regular traveller to Norwalk being so close to NY. My profile pic was taken at Calf Pasture Park on Norwalk's ocean front. Beautiful state and very wealthy area with so much to offer to tourists seeking spectacular attractions. Finely crafted article with great photos. Awesome work on this article!

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