Do We Love Las Vegas
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Do We Love Las Vegas

An unbiased assessment of Las Vegas, Nevada. A factual birds eye view of what the city looks like, how to conduct yourself while in The city and what to do when in Las Vegas. Few casinos are named since Las Vegas is simply a mall of casinos rather than shops and one is pretty much like the other except for the architecture and the entertainment.

Most people hear about Las Vegas and imagine it to be one mall like casino.  It is actually.  But, Las Vegas is like a fantasy world of palaces and castles that all sell the same thing, gambling.  The main strip is side by side casinos.  The older casinos look like enormous casinos.  The newer ones have theme archetecture.  Depending on what you like, you can live in it if you visit Las Vegas. 

Once you arrive on The Strip, you are driven into your casino by your casino cab.  You never have to leave your casino.  There are non stop cafeteria like food pavilions and shops for everything from t-shirts to personal products.  You can also find entertainment in most of the older casinos but the newer theme casinos don't have much in the way of entertainment leaving that up to the MGM Grand Casino that is really a covered auditorium to put on shows and reviews. 

If you get tired of the sprawling array of gambling from slot machines to roulette wheels and poker tables, you can always put on walking shoes and try to venture to the outside world of Las Vegas.  What you will find there will make the Disney World facades of casinos seem absurd.  The street that leads from one casino to another is strewn with derelicts who lounge outside leaning on newspaper vending machines and looking mutely at you as you pass by. 

You can take organized tours to places like the fish lake that is stocked with the most grotesque fish you can imagine in your worst nightmares.  Or, you can take a bus tour to Hoover Dam.  That is really an interesting tour as you will be taken behind the dam to take a look at the science fiction world of giant machinery that keeps the dam from drowning Las Vegas. 

You should not expect gourmet food when in Las Vegas.  Whether you eat in or eat out, the food is hardly palatable.  Actually, it stinks.

You might wonder how all of those casinos, more than 60 large brawling dice buildings, make a profit since they all sell the same thing?  The fact is that each casino has its regular patrons who come from all parts of the world to their casino.  Its a microcosm of entrenced gambling practitioners who share and share alike. 

When in Las Vegas, don't take anything for granted.  Don't talk to strangers.  Don't eat the food.  Don't take your eyes off of your comapanions.  Don't buy junk until the las minute and don't tell anybody what you bought.

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