Facts About the State of Arkansas
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Facts About the State of Arkansas

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The state of Arkansas covers an area of 53,179 square miles and has a resident population of 2.9 million people, ranking it the 29th state in size and the 32nd state in population.

The state is bordered by six other American states, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma, although it's eastern border is geographically defined by the Mississippi River.

In 1881 the state became the first and only American state to have it's name specified by state legislature, ( which means it is against the law to mispronounce it's name when in the state ) with the correct pronounciation being ar -kan - saw.

The name comes from the Quapaw Indian language and means land of the down river people.

The state was first inhabited by people of the Caddo, Cherokee, Osage and Quapaw Indian Tribes, before being colonised by both French and Spanish explorers from the middle of the 1500's, before becoming the 25th state to join the union on the 15th of June 1836. 


                     Location of Arkansas. 

The state is part of the United States interior highlands and is charecterised by high mountains, steep valleys, densly afforested plateau and rich vegetation.

The state also hosts 600,000 acres of lakes, 9.700 miles of rivers, an abundance of cave systems, several large National and State Parks and is unique for being the only American state to have diamond mines.

All this is situated in the most stunning of natural, landscapes, which are home to a myriad of local flora, fauna and wildlife. 

The state has a humid, sub - tropical climate, which at times coincides with colder pockets of air from colder, more northerly states, causing atmospheric instability in the area that leads to violent thunderstorms and destructive tornadoes. 


      County map of Arkansas.

The state is made up of 75 counties with the largest that of Union County at 1,039 square miles and the smallest county being that of Lafayette County at just 526 square miles.

The state is served by way of 20 U.S Routes and 8 Interstate Highways, the 1 - 30, 1 - 40, 1 - 55, 1 - 430, 1- 440, 1 - 530, 1 - 540 and the 1 - 630.

The state is not served by an international airport, although every county is served by a national airport, with international flights generally taken from the neighbouring state airport at Memphis, Tennessee.

The state is home to several campuses of the University of Arkansas and to the Eaker Airforce Base in Blytheville, Mississippi County


                          Map of Arkansas.

The state capital is Little Rock built on the banks of the Arkansas River, situated in Pulaski County, which covers an area of 116.8 square miles and has a resident population of 194,000 people.

The city is made up of 36 districts and is home to the Little Rock campus of the University of Arkansas, The University of Arkansas Medical Sciences, The American Taekwondo Association world headquarters, and the Minor League Baseball team the Arkansas Travellers who play their home matches at Dickey - Stephens Park.

The city is also home to many cultural venues including libraries, museums, theatres, art galleries, a historic centre and the William . J. Clinton Presidential Centre, built in honour of the state's most famous son, former U.S President William Clinton.

The city's name comes from a rock formation situated on the south bank of the Arkansas River, which has been the site of a well known river crossing for hundreds of years.

The city became the official state capital when Arkansas joined the union in 1836, although there has been a settlement there since the early 1700's. 

Other large cities in the state include Fort Smith, Fayetville, Springdale and Jonesboro.


The state government of Arkansas is represented by a 4 member House of Representatives and a 35 member state Senate.

The state is one of only two U.S states which have counties with two county seats, as opposed to only one, as in all but one of the other U.S states.This trend goes back to the days when travel was difficult within the state, and was never changed when travel became less difficult, due to the high source of employment generated by local governmental offices and services. 


                                                      State flag of Arkansas

STATE NICKNAME - The Natural State - so called because of the state's abundance of natural gems such as agates, crystals, quartz and diamonds.


STATE BIRD - Mockingbird.

STATE SONG - Arkansas, you run deep in me, written by Wayland Holyfield in 1986 and designated state song in 1987.

STATE TIME ZONE - Arkansas is situated on the U.S Central Time Zone which is signified globally by UTC - 6.










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