Get Wild at Wild West Town in Union, IL
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Get Wild at Wild West Town in Union, IL

Bring your family to Donley's Wild West Town. Kids love Donley's Wild West Town in Union, IL

You wouldn't expect there to be anything fun to do in a little town called Union, IL which is located at the far west end of the state but in fact there is a little hidden gem in this small country town.  The Gem is Donley's Wild West Town and it is a great place to spend the day with your family.  Weather you live in Illinois or passing through spending some time at Wild West Town is a great way to entertain the family. 

Wild West town is more suited towards younger kids and their families and there are lots of things for young kids to do.  When you walk in you can choose to walk through the cowboy museum or to go right outside to the other events.  The first thing we saw when we walked in was the Jail.  Our kids thought it was really fun to go in the jail and posed for lots of pictures.  Right outside the door were some little vehicles for the kids to ride on.  These are old fashioned riding toys are operated by using your hands.  It took a minute for the kids to figure out how to use them but once they got it we had a hard time getting them off of them.  The promise that they could ride on some ponies finally convinced them get off. 

After we left the pony rides we went over to pan for gold.  They have a big gold mining display and you can grab pans and sift through and try to find the gold.  Of course it is not real gold, but the kids love it just the same. 

After that we rode on the C.P. Huntington train.  The train is a nice sized train that takes you all around the entire town.  Of course you do lots of waving at other people in town as you ride by. 

After we rode the train we wen to do some cowboy training.  There are people there that show you how to throw a tomahawk, and how to rope.  We all took turns roping and throwing the tomahawk at a target, and it is a lot harder then it looks.  They also have some targets and you can use a bow and do some archery.  We also tried out your skills at the pop gun gallery. We also got to play with some sling shots. 

Then it was time for the Wild West Town show to start.  The show had a Wild West Town theme of course and was about some folks who live in the town and of course there were some villains and a hero.  The show was very entertaining and even funny. 

There are also canoe rides there, but our kids did not want to do that.  The kids did ride the little roller coaster though and they really enjoyed that. 

We then spent a good amount of time in the petting zoo and the kids got to feed and pet the various animals (mostly goats). 

Then the kids played for a while in the kids Coral which is a playground in the center of the town. There are actually buildings they can run around in and slide out of. 

We then headed in to the museum.  The museum has lots of cowboy memorabilia, there are displays of cowboy clothing, weapons, as well as stuff including death masks of villains.  There are also displays dedicated to the Civil war.  The museum also has an area dedicated to Larry Donley's personal phonograph and music box selection. 

After you leave the Wild West Town you can head on over and eat at the Old West Steak House.  We did not eat there but have heard from friends that have been there that it is excellent. 

Wild West Town is opened daily from May 31st through August 22nd from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

It is opened weekends only on Saturday and Sunday from August 28th through October 31st from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

The admission price is $15.00 for everyone, except for children under 2, they are free.

Donley's Wild West Town is located at the intersection of Route 20 & S. Union Road, 2 miles south of the Village of Union.  The exact address is 8512 S. Union Road, in Union, IL  60180.  The phone number is 815-923-9000.  The web address is

If you want to make a trip of it The Train Museum is also located in Union, IL and while it is expensive to visit there is quite a bit to see there for any train lover. 

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Comments (2)

An interesting treat for the whole family.

This sounds like fun. We used to go to Dubuque on Rt. 20 before they built the freeway there.