Tallest Mountains in North America
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Tallest Mountains in North America

These are the five tallest mountains located on the continent of North America. The three main countries in North America, the United States, Mexico and Canada, each have two of the five tallest mountains located in North America. That is because one of the tallest mountains in North America is located right on the border of Canada and the United States, so the mountain is part of both countries.

The tallest mountains located onthe North American continent. All of these mountains are beautiful sights to behold. One of the mountains is an active volcano which is showing signs of erupting, as it is spewing clouds of smoke and ash into the air. I've included a video of the mountain spewing ash into the air, as well as a live web-cam site where you can see what the mountain is doing right now live.

Tallest Mountains in North America

1. Denali- 20,320

Image Source

With an elevation of 20,320 feet, Denali, also known as Mount McKinley, is the tallest mountain located on the North American continent. Denali is located in Denali National Park in south-central Alaska about 200 miles north of Anchorage.

I spent two days in 1990 at Denali National Park, and luckily the first day was bright and sunny giving me clear views of the mountain. What a beautiful sight it was. The first successful ascent of Denali, or Mount McKinley, was in 1913 by Alaska Native Walter Harper. 

In 1910, four local Alaskans, nicknamed the Sourdough Boys, tried to climb Denali without any knowledge of mountain climbing. Two of them reached the North Summit, not the actual top, and stuck a 14 foot spruce pole at the site. Nobody believed them when they said they got to the top, but later expeditions were stunned to find the spruce pole on the North Summit, proving they did get that far.

2. Mount Logan- 19,541 feet

Image Source

At 19,541 feet in height, Mount Logan is the second tallest mountain in North America. Mount Logan is located in the southwest corner of the Yukon Territory in Canada, in the Kluane National Park and Preserve. Mount Logan is located around 20 miles east and north of the Alaska border. Mount Logan was first successfully climbed in 1925.

If you have never been to the Yukon Territory, it is just a magnificent place filled with incredible beauty. You can clearly see Mount Logan from the Alaska Highway driving through the Yukon Territory, especially as you drive west and north of Whitehorse towards fantastic Kluane Lake. 

3. Pico de Orizaba- 18,491 feet

Image Source

Pico de Orizaba in Mexico is the third tallest mountain peak in North America with a height of 18,491 feet. Pico de Orizaba is located near the city of Orizaba in southeast Mexico. Pico de Orizaba is about 50 miles west of Veracruz, and 100 miles east of Mexico City. The mountain is protected in Pico de Orizaba National Park. 

4. Mount Saint Elias- 18,008 feet

Image Source

Mount Saint Elias is the fourth highest mountain peak in North America with a height of 18,008 feet. Mount Saint Elias is located right on the border of Alaska and the Yukon Territory only about 30 miles north of the Gulf of Alaska and the Pacific Ocean. Mount Logan is located only some 20 miles northeast of Mount Saint Elias.

The United States and Canada share Mount Saint Elias, with the Canadian part protected in Kluane National Park, while the United States section is protected in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. The first successful ascent of Mount Saint Elias was in 1897.

5. Popocatepetl- 17,802 feet

Image Source

Popocatepetl is a mountain located in Mexico that is 17,802 feet tall, making it the fifth tallest mountain peak in North America. Popocatepetl is protected in Itza-Popo Zoquiapan National Park, and is about 45 miles southeast of the capital city of Mexico City.

Popocatepetl is an active volcano that has been spewing out a hailstorm of rocks, steam and ashes since April 13, 2012. Roughly 28,000 people live in the immediate vicinity of the Popocatepetl volcano, but no evacuations have been ordered yet. You can watch a video of Popocatepetl spewing smoke and ash here, and see a live web-cam shot of Popocatepetl here.

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I have never seen any of these impressive mountains.  Good information on them though.

I love the video you place here..

Simply beautiful....

Such icy tops

Very informative with beautiful pictures. Thank you Joe.

Beautiful photos included with your informative essay. I especially love the one with the pink sunset on the side of the mountain! Voted.