Travel Going-To-The-Sun Road Glacier National Park, Montana
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Travel Going-To-The-Sun Road Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park Going-To-The- Sun Road trip discussed for visitors to West Glacier, Montana. The big sky country of Montana holds many adventures for an individual or family vacation trip. In this travel guide Going to the Sun Road fun facts, a visitor will enjoy much through reading these trip tips. Going-To-The-Sun Road vacation guide in West Glacier, Montana, United States article can be your planning helper before you arrive at your Montana destination.

Going-To-The-Sun Road in Glacier National Park, Montana is a fun adventure trip you and your family will never forget. Choose your mode of travel arrivals from many options. Travel by Amtrak from your home to the destination of Whitefish, Montana. A car rental will then be needed to motor about an hour to the welcoming entrance at Apgar Village in Glacier Park. Air travel by plane brings you into Glacier International Airport which borders the two towns of  Kalispell and Columbia Falls, Montana on Highway #2 with less than an hour drive to Glacier National Park. Bicycles, tandems, hikers, motorcycles and motor vehicles are all permitted as ways to travel the assent to the Continental Divide destination along the Sun Road in West Glacier, Montana. Red bus is an escorted transportation option for those wanting to fully enjoy the ride to the Going To The Sun Road without driving. These 33, open top, LPG clean burning vehicles hold as many as 17 visitors and fees range from $30 depending on tour. Ford motor company completely refurbished them in 2000 keeping the 1930s look for vacation sightseeing tours going to the sun road. Click on the link below to see pictures of the red bus. 

All Photos: Glacier National Park End of March 2011 courtesy Flickr By glaciernps

Glacier National Park is named for the sculptured, year round visual glaciers, however it is presumed that the glaciers will cease to exist by 2020 according to scientific research. A visitor will view the magnificence of more than just glaciers during a vacation to the Going-To-The-Sun Road; you have some time before the glaciers disappear. Currently the 2011 snowfall measured 12 feet in some areas, so it is likely to see some lingering well into August.

A ride along with the snow plow clearing the snow from Glacier National Park is no longer available. Kim Redding from the park service replied to this author's email stating the safety hazards and avalanche dangers prevent visitors from being in the vicinity of the plows. Snow removal has already begun to prepare for visitors to enter Glacier National Park and anticipate an opening date of June 17,2011 to proceed to The Going-To-The-Sun Road.

Entering the Park; numerous flora and fauna is seen in few other places due to the Park rules of preservation. Wildlife is abundant in Glacier Park with deer, bear, mountain goats, birds and rodents too. Paintbrush, ferns, bear grass, local trees and lady slippers surround the walking trails for hikers. McDonald Lake captures the eyes as the journey on the Going-To-The-Sun Road trip unfolds the magic of this unforgettable vacation place in the United States.

Winding, narrow Going-To-The-Sun Road offers thrills as the climb gives the sightseer the wonders of snow capped mountains in the near and distant views. Glaciers, breath-taking landscape sights, waterfalls, a tunnel and abundant snow will be pictures that last long after the trip on the Going-To-The-Sun Road has ended. Glacier National Park in West Glacier, Montana is guaranteed memorable.

Red bus:

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A lovely and educative read. Though I dont live in the vicinity, already feel like paying a visit. Keep it up.

I think I was there as a child.. I dont remember it much though, thanks for the remind.

I hope to see ths place one day. Voted up and promoted. Excellent work.

a wonderful tourist site with an interesting name. nicely presented details.

I would love to visit there. Thanks for sharing, Roberta!

I was there! Great.

I've never seen an honest to goodness glacier, much as I want to. This sounds like a splendid place to take a holiday. It really sounds like a magical place. A fantastically written article, Roberta :D

Thanks for the tour Roberta.

better see while you can, the glaciers are melting because of global warming

Sound like a great place to see. But, I believe if our Earth continues to get warming, more glaciers will be melted away.

Thanks for the info on the going to the sun road. That sounds awesome.

What a great story, you make me wish I was vacationing right now! Thank you for a great article!

Good information, buzzed this one up, thanks.

It will surely be a slippery and cold visit but a memorable one. Thanks for sharing, Rob.

I really like reading about your firsthand travels, makes me want to do more trips.