What to Expect when You Get to the Cruise Terminal or Port
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What to Expect when You Get to the Cruise Terminal or Port

Things to know before you go on a cruise, and arrive at the cruise port, whether you're arriving by car, or plane. Prepare yourself in advance, so you know what to expect at the port where your cruise ship is leaving from. Know what to keep in your hand, and what to pack in your luggage.

You've just planned your first cruise, and you haven't a clue as to what to expect. What happens when you arrive at the cruise terminal? What do you do? Where do you go? What about your luggage? Here's how you can prepare for your arrival at the cruise terminal.

If you're arriving by plane, there will be taxi services at the airport that will take you directly to the port for a fee. If you're arriving by automobile, there is a parking terminal for you to park at. They charge by the day. The time that we went on a cruise and drove, it cost us $20.00 a day for our car to be parked in the parking lot. They don't charge you for the day that you're leaving, provided that you've departed by a decent time. (Usually around noon). Normally, the cruise line will have you off the ship between 9:00am and 10:00am.

Once you arrive at the terminal, there will be porters there that will take your luggage, and they'll make sure that your luggage gets on the ship. Most people will tip the porter from $1.00 - $2.00 per luggage. You will take your carry-on luggage with you, and make sure you put the things in it that you'll need for the next several hours, because it's going to take awhile for your luggage to arrive at your stateroom. Depending on what cruise line you're traveling with, it could be anywhere from 1:30pm to 5:00pm, before you'll find your luggage in your room.

Proceed to the cruise ship terminal, however, have your passport (or driver's license & birth certificate), in your hand, along with your cruise papers. Security will check your i.d. when entering the terminal building. You will then go through a check point with your carry-on luggage. Make sure you contact the cruise line, or the online information that your cruise has to offer, to make sure that your carry-on luggage does not exceed the measurements that it requires to fit through the scanner at the port. As your carry-on luggage is sent through the scanner, also known as an x-ray machine, you will be asked to walk through a metal detector. You will need to take anything metal, such as keys, etc., out of your pockets and put them in a basket to go through the x-ray machine, as well.

Once you are through the metal detector, you are now on your way to boarding the ship. BON VOYAGE!!!!

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Comments (4)

This would have been useful before our first cruise. it was all so confusing. You learn by experience. second time round was easy.

Great to see you here, Debra!

Wonderful info for those planning a cruise, great job!!! xoxoxo Recommended & Tweeted!

Val > Know what you mean. The first time was very confusing. Sandy> Glad to see you hwere too. Diane > Thanks for the comment, recommendation and tweet. :)